Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Food art: Dinosaur Birthday Cake

Vanilla cake, dulce de leche filling with walnuts. Chocolate icing from scratch. Chocolate rocks. Dinosaur-shaped sprinkles. 10inch pan.

I made this for my boyfriend's 20th birthday. Since he was little, he's always liked Dinosaurs, so I made him a surprise dinocake. The cake was decorated with three plastic dinosaurs and two palm trees, with chocolate rocks scattered. I drew the both of us running away from the dinosaurs. The dinosaur sprinkles spell out "HAPPY 20!!" for the visually challenged. Walnuts were added into the dulce-de-leche filling because he loves walnuts. :3

This cake was a big success! It came out very moist and delicious. The icing was made from an old family recipe, and overall the cake wasn't overwhelmingly sweet, which was great. Fed the both of us, his mother and her husband several times, all of his friends, and his father, with extra slices left.

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  1. That looks delicious! You decorated it very nicely.