Thursday, April 21, 2011

Non-art: Birthday!

I always feel obliged to make a blog post on my birthday, since it's really fun to go back and see how my old birthdays went. Today (April 21st) I turned 18! Overall, it was a very positive and happy birthday. I think if my relationship with my family hadn't improved so drastically in the last few months, today would have been much more difficult.

I got my first birthday wishes from Tsubasa, a friend from Tokyo, through a skype call. Then there was Yuuhei, who played an electric guitar cover of "Happy Birthday" to me through another skype call.THEN after that, I got a phone call from my friend Alex, also telling me happy birthday.
I woke up to my mom and sister (and dog) singing an obnoxious but cute happy birthday to me~ The entire day I got birthday wishes left and right, presents from friends, etc. My friend Jackie spoiled me with alot of ice cream, and Sade drew Mari as a Persona 4 character lol~ Alex revealed to me that he is composing a song for me as a present (but due to work is not done with it yet), and my mother came home with flowers and balloons for me.

My dinner from Mimi's Cafe: Pasta Jambalaya!

After dinner, I got to play around with my delicious new amp and ate cupcakes from Sprinkles.
My guitar, my new amp, and my Dollfie
Day ended with some SL, calls from relatives, and lazing around. No school tomorrow~ Friends want to take me to a sushi bar. Cheers for another good year!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flower Girl

My sister's ex-boyfriend visited for a steak dinner. The steak was alright, although a bit too chewy for my tastes (I'm a rare-steak kind of girl). He gave me his little journal to draw in and told me to "draw something sick". I drew this while listening to chouchou and antihoney.
  His art was pretty strange, too. Check after the jump break for his art..!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mediocrity VS Vastness

0.7mm pencil, paper, Photoshop CS2
BGM: ミドリ-凡庸VS茫洋

"Ilikeyouilikeyouilikeyouilikeyou I LOVE YOU"
Quick idea that popped into my head as I was listening to my ipod in class.

Superlative cowards!

Paint tool SAI, drawing during Livestream.
It's Noda, lead singer of Radwimps.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sketch Comparisons

Was very frustrated at my art for several hours, and thankfully the angry paid off..!!