Monday, January 31, 2011

The Girl.... without a diamond earring.

Paint tool SAI. Jan 31st
I just finished this. actually. I'm... kind of shocked. I wanted to do something painterly, and I was originally drawing myself with a hoodie in the rain... and then it just changed completely and turned into this.

It looks slightly creepy, huh?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I seriously just drew this.

 It's late at night, and our dear friend Mari is trying to go to sleep.
 She feels impatient and irritated, making her restless; she does not know why.
 Suddenly, the door opens, with a white gloved hand on the other end.
 It is Ronove, and he wipes off a brow of sweat from his forehead as he pants.
Mari, goshujin-sama, here are some freshly baked cookies and a glass of chocolate milk."
Mari relished in the taste of the chewy, delectable and sweet cookies; and quenched her thirst with the chocolate milk.
Then Mari calmed down, and was finally able to sleep.
"Good night, my sweet princess."
 The end.
~/jp/ radio skype room

Friday, January 28, 2011

My little sketch can't be this cute!

Mechanical pencil, printer paper. PS CS2 for colors.
Drew this earlier today while listening to MOSAIC.WAV

"While drawing this I realized that I always draw standing poses in this direction."

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Paint tool SAI, PS CS2. 

This is my most recent CG piece. I drew this originally because I wanted to draw a cute yukata girl with one of those sparklers. I later decided to add a more grim feel to it, and gave her a blank expression while she emptied the water out of the bag (killing the fish. how dark!). Originally, the lineart was red and colors were much different. My friends suggested that I keep a water theme throughout the piece.

Before I finished coloring it, I decided to change the colors to blue, and added a tear rolling down the girl's cheek. It completely changed the feeling of the image!

Mari Kurisumasu

Paint tool SAI. December 25 2010
I drew these for my Japanese friends on SL as christmas presents. They were influenced by nendoroids.
Top columm, left to right: Gaagaa, Luna, Luna (alternate ver.)
Bottom column: Maple, Soleil, Note

Shoutout to my Gensokyo homies!

Hina from Touhou. Paint tool SAI, PS CS2. October 2010
This was a request. I'm really happy with my coloring on this.


Pencil, paper. Drawn around December/November last year.
Wanted to draw eyes, and drew a girl around a pair I drew. She reminds me of Hirano Aya for some reason.

I always lose things in my bag.

Pencil, paper. Drawn last year.

Not much to say about this one.

Candy Bikini

Pencil, printer paper. Drawn summer 2010.

Simple cute summer drawing based on my avatar at the time in SL. I really like her sitting pose, and her drinking pose. I don't like the other one though, it looks slightly derpy.

Save the Earth

Pencil, Colored Pencil, Printer paper. Drawn sometime last year.

This is a drawing based on this outfit in SL. I was given this as a present, and the outfit came with a globe that rotated around your avatar. It's a very innocent picture! I really like how the sleeves came out, and the natural gradient of the dress.

I am one with the plants, bro~

Mechanical pencil, printer paper. Drawn a few weeks ago.

My friends have started drawing these Pendeogan things that are popular on deviantart. They're elves with tails that have addictions. They draw them alot, so to not feel lonely I made a character too. The male is Jordan, he's my friend's design. The girl is my character, Soleil. I feel like a little girl all over again, making original characters and the such! Hehe~

This drawing was a slight challenge for me, since I don't draw males that often. My friends however, draw them all the time. I'm proud with the outcome.

Good morning!

(It's actually 11:20PM! Gyaaasp I should be in bed!)

Welcome~ This is my new art/hobby blog. I decided to create a place to post my art since deviantart sucks.
I'm Mari, from the U.S. I speak Spanish, English, and Japanese. I like art, technology, fashion, anime/manga/games, science and psychology.

I'll be blogging about several things! I'll be posting my art: sketches, ideas, CG, etc. I'll also be posting about games that I play, purchases, fashion trends, anime/manga, and the such. Maybe a personal post every now and then will be nice~ 

The blog's title is a pun of the anime "Hidamari Sketch." Since I'm Mari, and I draw, hidaMARI sketch seems like a silly fitting title, right?

Looking forward to posting!