Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ceramic: Punyama Punpun teapot WIP pt. 2 (pre-fire glaze)

Part two of Punpun teapot photos! 
 Punpun succesfuly survived his first round in the kiln. Sometimes, you do something wrong while making something out of clay, and your piece either breaks or explodes in the kiln. 
Thankfully I am the claym@ster and Punpun came out from the fires completely flawless. I sanded him down so he is also silkysmooth!

He is currently inside the kiln as we speak, and will be ready to take home by Monday!
These are photos of his pre-fire glazing. The colors are the same as shown, but they will be alot brighter. Punpun will be superyellow.

In the process of brushing on glaze. Teacher tells us to apply ~3 coats... I applied like 5 lol

from the side. The slightly darker yellow by his scarf is glaze that is still drying.

the bandaids are a nice skin color :3

The inside will be unglazed.

The colors really make him come to life~

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  1. >The colors really make him come to life~

    I have to agree. The black and white scarf especially.